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         Mary Hopkin International Site

Welcome to the Mary Hopkin International Site!

The latest worldwide Mary Hopkin News.

Obviously this Mary Hopkin International Site is not just about her songs recorded between 1968 and 1972 at The Beatles record label Apple. The periods before and after this well-known period of Mary's life are extensively looked into. Just one click on this site's button CD Discography and it will become clear to everybody that over the last 40 years Mary really has been and still is on top !!!

With over 10,000 visiting the Mary Hopkin International Site in September of 2010 it is quite obvious that more and more people are quite interested in Mary's activities indeed. All and all not very surprising considering the fact that Mary Hopkin has been quite active over the last ten years.

She made a series of Special Guest appearances during the Chieftains Tour, with a grand finale in London at the Royal Albert Hall in May of 1999. Together with Benny Gallagher she did a concert in the month of August 1999 during the Largs Viking Festival in Scotland. In 2000 she starred in a S4C TV-documentary "Mary Hopkin" in which she did a duet with Davey Crockett, singing The Crocketts hit single "Chicken vs. Macho" from the album "The Great Brain Robbery". Being a tremendous success the song was released on CD-single. In 2001 she played a small part in Sara Sugarman's movie "Very Annie Mary". And last but most certainly not least in April 2002 Mary contributed 2 songs to the BBC 1 television-show "Billy Connolly's World Tour of England, Ireland and Wales".

In May 2002 some never before released material from "Sundance" saw the light of day on CD. More and more material, some of which we thought had never been released before, is being discovered through contacts on the Internet. For instance Mary's "Evolution" and "The Circle" suddenly appeared on Marc Cerrone's album "The Collector" which was released only in Canada and France in 1988.

New medium DVD has found it's way to Mary Hopkin as well. Four DVDs with one Mary Hopkin number each are available in stores now. Since May of 2002 the movie "Very Annie Mary" is available in stores on DVD.

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