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Festival di Sanremo (Classifica  Finale) 1969


Title/canzoni Artists/interpreti


1 Zingara Bobby Solo; Iva Zanicchi 237
2 Lontano d'agli occhi Sergio Endrigo; Mary Hopkin 228
3 Un Sorriso Milva; Don Backy 178



National: UK Final 1970

The UK Final was held at the BBC TV Studios in London on March 7th, hosted by Cliff Richard who had represented the UK in 1968. The Orchestra was conducted by Johnny Arthey. All of the songs were sung by Mary Hopkin, and the winner was chosen by postcard voting.


Artist Title Writer, Composer Points
1 Mary Hopkin Knock, Knock Who's There John Carter & Geoff Stephens  120.290
2 Mary Hopkin I'm going to fall in love again Cyril Ornadel & Hal Shaper    74.670
3 Mary Hopkin Three ships Guy Fletcher & Doug Flett   60.330
4 Mary Hopkin Can I believe Valerie Avon & Harold Spiro   42.160
5 Mary Hopkin You're everything you need Anthony Dyball & Roger Reynolds   39.360
6 Mary Hopkin Early in the morning of your life Ray Cameron & Alan Hawkshaw   15.090

Record Collector, May 1993 (No.165)

In 1970, Mary Hopkin was chosen to represent the U.K. in the Eurovision Song Contest. Songwriter Mitch Murray: " 'Turn On The Sun' didn't quite make the last six. A French publisher asked Nana Mouskouri to do it, and it's now like a mini-standard in French music lessons. They probably use it as an example of how not to write songs!"

Hal Shaper recalls: "Cyril Ornadel told me that we should write for Mary Hopkin, but I hated 'I'm Going To Fall In Love Again' to such an extent that I refused to have anything else to do with it. I was astonished when it nearly won and went on to sell a million records as the B-side to the winning song. I should have had enough commercial sense to quell my sense of unreason, but I gave it away. Hearing it now, I think Cyril was right and it was a very good shot at Eurovision, but I was too much of a song writing snob to realise that you should at times write for a very commercial market."

John Carter wrote the U.K.'s entry that year - "Knock, Knock, Who's there": "I had never been involved with Eurovision before. I was trying to write a very commercial song with Geoff Stephens, and those were the days when even if you came second, you got a very big hit all over the Continent. There were cover versions all over Europe. I think Mary Hopkin regretted Eurovision. She didn't want to do it and she was talked into it, and I don't think she liked the record.

The winning song in 1970 was "All Kinds Of Everything", with Dana representing Ireland. "I wasn't know in Ireland," she told me, "but I'd come second in the National Song Contest there the year before and they invited me back with "All Kinds Of Everything". It was a very simple, pretty song and I liked the folkish air about it. I had watched Eurovision every year since I was a child and it was so unreal to go to Amsterdam to take part in it. I didn't watch any of the other artists rehearse because I knew that if I did, I would completely disintegrate. Instead, I looked upon it as a week's holiday as I'd never been abroad before. When the night of the contest came, I was mesmerised by the artistes - they were so professional. Mary Hopkin sang for the U.K., and Julio Iglesias for Spain. I didn't think that I would win so I wasn't watching the score. I was trying to soak in everything so that I would remember it forever, and then Mary Hopkin tapped me on the shoulder and said, "That's a great score." Then the stage manager said, "You've won." Although the voting wasn't over, they'd calculated that I'd won and suddenly I was standing at the side of the stage in disbelief. I remember thinking how does a pop star behave - can I go on a bus anymore, can I shop at Woolworth's?



Eurovision Song Contest 1970

The Eurovision Song Contest 1970 was held at the RAI Congress centre in Amsterdam (Netherlands) on March 25th. Presenter was Willy Dobbe.  There were 12 competing countries. The winner was chosen by the following voting structure: Ten jury members from each country who awarded one point to their favourite song.


Country Title Artists Points
1 Ireland All kinds of everything Dana 32
2 Great-Britain Knock, Knock Who's There Mary Hopkin 26
3 Germany Wunder gibt es immer wieder Katja Ebstein 12
4 France Marie Blanche Gay Donnet 8
4 Spain Gwendolyne Julio Iglesias 8
4 Swiss Retour Henri Dès 8
7 Holland Waterman Hearts of Soul 7
8 Italy Occhi di ragazza Gianni Morandi 5
8 Belgium Viens l'oublier Jean Vallee 5
8 Monaco Marlène Dominique Dussault 5
11 Yugoslavia Pridi, dala ti bom cvet Eva Srsen 4
12 Luxembourg Je suis tombe du ciel David Alex. Winter 0