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Official Website run by Mary Hopkin Music:

Mary Hopkin Updated

Mary Hopkin on Facebook


Mary Hopkin Websites (English):

BBC Wales "Mary Hopkin Profile"

Pat Richmond's main index to "The New Mary Hopkin Friendly Society"  Thanks to the Internet Archive "Way Back Machine"!  New!

Simon Fleming's "Mary Hopkin Page"

Simon Fleming's "Mary Hopkin Mailing List"

"Tour Of Australian 1972"  Thanks to the Internet Archive "Way Back Machine"!  New!


Mary Hopkin Websites (Japanese):

Mary Hopkin: Unofficial Japanese Web Site  Thanks to the Internet Archive "Way Back Machine"!  New!

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Mary Hopkin-related artists:

Bert Jansch

Brian Willoughby & Cathryn Craig


Gallagher & Lyle

Harry Nilsson

Harvey Andrews

Jessica Lee Morgan New!

Ralph McTell Updated


Tom Paxton

Tony Visconti

Vangelis: "The Elsewhere Vangelis Site"  

Vangelis: "Lyrics of music by Vangelis"


Mary Hopkin-related Record Companies:

Mary Hopkin Music New!

Sain Records  (CD: Early Recordings)



The Complete Apple Records Collection


Music Magazines and Music Web Sites:

Folk Music Home Page  (information about folk music and this site will try to cover the depth and breadth of it) New!

Mojo/Mojo Collections

Record Collector 

Most back issues of Record Collector are still available:

"Apple Label"
Listing with Mary Hopkin & Derek Taylor Interviews (Issue 108, August 1988); Foreign Singles Illustrated (Issue 152, April 1992)

"Mary Hopkin"
Interview & Discography (Issue 108, August 1988)

"Eurovision Song Contest Special"
Discography (Issue 165, May 1993)

Story Of The 1984 Mary Hopkin-related Album (Issue 200, April 1996)

"Apple Label"
An A to Z of Apple & the 2010 Re-Masters (Issue 379, September 2010)

"Mary Hopkin"
Interview (Issue 379, September 2010)



BBC Wales

BBC Wales South West

Cambridge Folk Festival

Wales Online  (latest Welsh news, snippets, birthdays etc)

Wales Tourist Information