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April 23, 2021

Mary Hopkin - CD release: "Live at the Royal Festival Hall of 1972, Edition 2021 (MHM 014)" NEW!

The first release of "Live at the Royal Festival Hall of 1972"  in 2005 is sold out. The new CD (Edition 2021) has been digitally restored and remastered and re-issued in cardboard sleeves.

"Live at the Royal Festival Hall of 1972", a recording of Mary's performance in 1972 supporting Ralph McTell. Mary was joined on stage by Brian Willoughby, Danny Thompson, Tony Visconti and the Pop Arts String Quartet. Included are highlights from her first two albums and some of her folk favourites.

In 2021 Mary's son, Morgan Visconti, applied restoration techniques to the album. The show had been recorded at that time by an unknown engineer at the Royal Festival Hall. This was digitally transferred from tape to CD in 2005.

Since then, progress has been made in digital restoration techniques. Morgan has improved the sound of the tape as much as possible without losing any of the magical qualities of Mary's voice. The CD has been remastered by Donal Whelan at Hafod Mastering.

Live at the Royal Festival Hall of 1972 is available from this site: Mary Hopkin Music



December 14, 2020

Spill Album Review: Mary Hopkin – Christmas ChoraleNEW!

Mary Hopkin made a welcome and surprising return to the music world in 2020 with Another Road. Now, she is back  with A Christmas Chorale. Here, Hopkin works with her two children, Morgan Visconti and Jessica Lee Morgan, who along with Morgan’s partner Christian Thomas, form the choir. Hopkin provides all the keyboards throughout. The songs, for the most part, are traditional Christmas carols, and very religious in their nature.

It is nice to hear some carols one does not always hear on traditional Christmas albums, such as the wonderful “So Blyssid Be The Tyme” or “Far, Far In A Manger”. Hopkin does an incredible version of “In The Bleak Midwinter” and includes all of the verses. Hopkin and Morgan’s vocals blend together, and it is heavenly. She also wrote a song for the album, “Rejoice (Madrigal)”.  A beautiful song that fits nicely here. A Christmas Chorale closes with the short but powerful “Heavenly Host”, written by Morgan Visconti. It is hard to believe that the choir is so small upon hearing this incredible piece of music.

There are five bonus tracks here, referred to as “Stocking Fillers”,  which add a great deal to the collection. One of the highlights is the incredible “Snowed Under”, originally released in 2008. This original is a work of art.  Lyrically and musically, it is simply fantastic, and one of the best songs she ever released. “So what have we to laugh about/Sometimes I’m not so sure./But Christmas, Christmas is here,” rings more true today than in 2008.

The bonus tracks also include her moving version of “Mary Had A Baby” which was recorded in 1972 and produced by Tony Visconti. The song’s original B-side, “Cherry Tree Carol” is also found in the bonus. Finally, one gets to hear a 12-year-old Mary Hopkin performing at her grammar school, singing “The Holly And The Ivy”. It is heartwarming.

A Christmas Chorale is the perfect Christmas album. Hopkin ties in the meaning of Christmas, while at the same time incorporating the joy, beauty, and nostalgia of the season. It  is a work of art, and a Christmas album that will be enjoyed in this household for years to come. 




November 18, 2020

Mary Hopkin - CD release: "Christmas Chorale"NEW!

Mary Hopkin's CD Christmas Chorale is out now! This album is the follow up of  ‘Iesu Faban’, released in 2014, featuring Mary, Jessica and Morgan in perfect Welsh harmony. The album includes a remixed version of ‘Iesu Faban’ and 11 other beautiful and lesser-known carols in English and Welsh, sung by Mary and accompanied by Jessica, Morgan and Christian. 

There are also some stocking fillers: remixed and remastered tracks from the Christmas Songs EP and a couple of other gems. 

The songs were chosen by Mary, of course, from her childhood repertoire and the family harmonies combine beautifully. This will be the perfect soundtrack to be enjoyed sitting by a cosy fire with a glass of  wine.

Christmas Chorale is available from this site: Mary Hopkin Music

The track listing is:

  1. The First Christmas Day (Barbara Kluge, Ian A Copley)
  2. So Blyssid Be The Tyme (Trad, R R Terry)
  3. Iesu Faban (Nantlais)
  4. Far, Far in a Manger (Haydn Morris, Edward Arthur)
  5. Tua Bethlem Dref (Trad, Edward Arthur)
  6. In The Bleak Midwinter (Christina Rossetti, Gustav Holst)
  7. I Sing Of A Maiden (Trad, Bryan Hesford)
  8. Suai'r Gwynt (Nantlais, Haydn Morris)
  9. Lullay My Liking (Trad, Gustav Holst)
  10. Rejoice (Madrigal) (Mary Hopkin)
  11. The New Year (Trad/Mary Hopkin, R R Terry)
  12. Heavenly Host (Morgan Visconti)

    Bonus Tracks

  13. Mary Had A Baby - 1972 (Trad. Arr. Mary Hopkin)
  14. Cherry Tree Carol - 1972 (Trad)
  15. The Holly And The Ivy (Trad) - Mary aged 12 with the Pontardawe Grammar School
  16. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (Trad. Arr. Mary Hopkin)
  17. Snowed Under (Mary Hopkin) - 2008



November 11, 2020

Spill Album Review: Mary Hopkin – Another RoadNEW!

Another Road is somewhat of a family affair. Hopkin wrote, produced, and recorded the album in her home studio but she had help from her daughter, Jessica Lee Morgan, who is a talented artist in her own right, and Morgan’s partner, Christian Thomas. They had helped Hopkin learn how to record herself, but assisted remotely by providing bass, guitar, saxophone, piano, and occasional vocals. Thomas also mixed the entire album, which Hopkin had full control over.

The album has its roots in folk music, but it is not entirely folk, that sells it short. Hopkin creates music unlike any other artist. She writes melodies that tear at your heart and her use of backing vocals enhances each and every song. One can see, or rather hear, why artists like Kate Bush cite her as an influence. Hopkin brings beauty to this world, even when she is political, and singing about the horrible state of affairs in the U.S. She does not judge, she does not preach, but she reflects.

The album opens with the title track, “Another Road”, featuring the opening line

“Let’s build another road, carve up the countryside.
We got the solutions to all our problems,
Make lots of money at the same time”.

A bold statement to open the album. Hopkin has hope, but she is also very aware of the world. She does not shy away from being honest.

Another Road is full of personal songs, stories, and political statements. 10 chapters and 10 glimpses into Hopkin’s world. All of this is set to excellently-recorded, melodic, beautiful songs. And let us not forget that voice. Hopkin sounds phenomenal.


Complete interview: Spill Magazine



September 9, 2020

Mary Hopkin - CD release: "Another Road"

Mary Hopkin has introduced her latest cd 'Another Road' on 9th of September 2020. "Another Road" is a brand new collection of ten songs written, performed and produced by Mary herself. The songs are inspired, Mary says, by "fragments of personal history," and observations on life in general. Her vocals are intimate yet brushed with her own haunting backing vocals which have become a signature sound. Mary also played keyboards, guitar, percussion and even the accordion inherited from her mother.

Although retired from the music business as such, Mary still writes and records at her home studio. She lives quietly away from the public eye but music is still very much a part of her life.

"Another Road" is the twelfth release on Mary Hopkin Music, an independent label founded by her daughter, Jessica Lee Morgan (also a singer songwriter), in 2005. The label allowed Mary to release archive and new music, subject to the following rules: no live performing, no touring, no interviews, no autographs. 

"Another Road" will be available from this site: Mary Hopkin Music.

The track listing is:

  1. Another Road
  2. Looking Over My Shoulder
  3. Single Woman
  4. Here Are We
  5. Love is Gone
  6. Red, White and Blue 
  7. What's Real
  8. Window Glass
  9. Valentine 
  10. Love Affair



May 24, 2017.

Rare Beatles Poster sold by Welsh singer for £27.000 more than the asking price.

A rare Beatles poster from the swinging sixties was sold by Welsh singer for £27.000 more than the asking price.

The super-band's 1963 gig advert was only expected to fetch between £400 and £800 as a part of a treasure trove of 60s memorabilia to be auctioned off, but was eventually flogged for £28,000.

The poster was put up for action by singer Mary Hopkin, who was one of the first acts signed by the Beatles' Apple Records label.

Mary Hopkin's rare Beatles poster

The songstress, from Pontardawe in the Swansea Valley, had a UK number one single "Those Were The Days" in 1968 and decided to give fans the chance to get their hands on stage dresses as well as her rare Beatles poster.

The colour poster advertised the Fab Four's gig at the Pier Pavilion in Llandudno, North Wales, in August 1963. That same August the band went straight to number one with their second hit "She Loves You", signifying the eruption of Beatlemania across the world. The small concert in the north Welsh seaside town was priced at 4/6d - four shillings and six pence, which would be round £8 today.

After their performance the band returned to Liverpool to celebrate the news their "Twist and Shout" EP had won a silver disc for sales over 250,000.

The poster was sold for £28,000 at the Antiques, Fine Art and Home Furnishings auction in Colwyn Bay, North Wales, run by Rogers Jones & Co.

Before the auction, auctioneer Ben Rogers Jones daid: "My hope is that it will go to somebody local to the area who was at the gig, but there's sure to be huge interest from elsewhere as the market for Beatles memorablia is colossal."

Western Mail



November 3, 2013

Mary Hopkin - CD release: "Painting by Numbers"

Mary Hopkin will release her sixth album in the last eight years in early-2014, "Painting by Numbers". The set features "stripped down and bare arrangements of Mart's own songs." The majority of the songs were written by Mary while two were co-written with Brian Willoughby, who worked with The Strawbs and Nancy Griffith, and Benny Gallagher of Gallagher and Lyle.

The album features "Gold and Silver" which has been gathering favourable attention on Youtube.

"Painting by Numbers" will be available from this site: Mary Hopkin Music.

The track listing is:

  1. Painting by Numbers
  2. Fair-Weather Friends
  3. Love, Long Distance
  4. Gold and Silver
  5. Improvisation
  6. Fresh Out of Favours 
  7. Die for You
  8. Teardrops
  9. Incurable Romantic 
  10. Love Belongs Right Here



September 20, 2010

Mary Hopkin and Morgan Visconti - CD release: "You Look Familiar"

The new Album from Mary Hopkin and Morgan Visconti is due for release on the 25th October. "You Look Familiar" is a fantastic collaboration that brings together Mary's melodies, lyrics and vocals with Morgan's instrumentation and arrangements.

Mary Hopkin Music, having released albums from Mary's archives, is pleased to bring you Mary's current work in "You Look Familiar", to feature the music that Mary has always wanted to make and to showcase her talents as a songwriter.

"You Look Familiar" will be available from this site: Mary Hopkin Music.

The track listing is:

  1. America
  2. People Say
  3. Heaven Knows
  4. Pretenders
  5. The Earth Turns
  6. Time Of Your Life
  7. Eve's Revenge
  8. Dog Eat Dog
  9. Chime
  10. Walk Like Me



December 18, 2008

Singer Mary Hopkin issues new Album - Recollections

The Welsh singing star who once knocked the Beatles off the number one spot in the charts, has released a rare new album in time for Christmas. Recollections is a collection of 11 songs originally recorded by Swansea Valley-born Mary Hopkin between 1970 and 1986.

But the singer revealed yesterday the tapes containing the old songs nearly landed her in hospital. She said: “There were about 30 hefty two-inch tapes weighing heavily on my mind, and also on my bedroom ceiling. They had been gathering dust in my loft for many years and one morning I woke up to an ominous creaking sound as a huge crack appeared in the ceiling. So, with some prodding from my daughter, Jessica, we decided to release them from their dusty boxes before the ceiling fell in.”

Ms Hopkin shot to fame in 1968 with Those Were The Days, recorded on the Beatles’ Apple label. When she later married top record producer Tony Visconti – who guided Marc Bolan and David Bowie’s early careers – she soared to celebrity status. Her first solo public performance had been at the age of four, singing a hymn in the local church hall in Pontardawe where she grew up. She also sang in rugby clubs and choirs, but got her big break on the X Factor of the 1960s, Opportunity Knocks. After getting rave reviews on the show, Paul McCartney – alerted to Mary’s “beautiful voice” by the ’60s model Twiggy – had her sign for the Beatles’ Apple Records and she went on whirlwind tours of the US, Canada and Europe. Ironically, she knocked the Beatles off the number one spot in 1968 with Those Were The Days. But after having two children she decided to drop out of the public eye and, after a divorce from Visconti, now lives in the south of France, rarely doing interviews.

However, she has continued to write and collaborate with other singers. Her new album has been put together at Space Studios in Cardiff, where she bases her recording work and record label, Mary Hopkin Music. She set up the label in 2005 to release material entirely on her own terms – recording in the studio only, without having to do tours, personal appearances or interviews. It is run by her daughter, Jessica Morgan, 34, who owns Space Studios with her partner, Chris Thomas. Ms Morgan is following in her famous mother’s footsteps as a singer songwriter in her own right doing session work and individual concerts. When in Wales, Ms Hopkin writes and records with her son, Morgan Visconti, and Jessica.

Music industry publicist Judy Totton, who represents singers Joe Brown and Welshman Andy Fairweather Low, said of Recollections: “Mary has that exquisite, distinctive voice which made her such a star. That voice really stands out on this new collection of old songs and will be a must for fans of Mary Hopkin.”

Robin Turner, Western Mail



December 23, 2006

Mary Hopkin releases (un)festive tune  

RECLUSIVE artist Mary Hopkin has decided to return to the music scene with the release of an unheard alternative festive tune. And the singer has decided to embrace 21st-century technology and release her Christmas single on download only.

Mary Hopkin recorded "Snowed Under" recently in Cardiff. The singer, who is based in France, has had the song for a while according to people close to her and was inspired by a seasonal deadline. The song, written by Mary, was recorded at Space Studios in Cardiff, where the 56-year-old has her record label Mary Hopkin Music. This cynical look at Christmas looks set to be the start of more music from Mary.

Last year her classic 1972 concert at the Royal Festival Hall was released via her website and had wider release this year. But as 2006 comes to a close the singer promises new recordings to come.

A spokesperson for Mary said, "Mary is very excited about recording more new songs and we are aiming for a new album release in the spring, although we can't say whether it will be new new or old new (from the unreleased archives)."

Claire Hill, Western Mail



December 8, 2006

Mary Hopkin has recorded a Christmas song  "Snowed Under"

"Snowed Under" is the first of her own songs to be released on Mary Hopkin Music.                                                              

CD Single: Snowed Under                            CD Single: Snowed Under

"Snowed Under" is Mary's own composition. She wrote it, sings it, plays some keyboards, sings some backing vocals, co-produced and mixed it, designed and drew the cover, and is proud of it.

Jessie Morgan co-produced and mixed it, did the programming, played some keyboards, sang some backing vocals and provided the studio (Space Studios in Cardiff).

Chris Thomas played the bass and helped with the mix, as well as providing the studio too!

See for more Mary information.

Happy Christmas!



March 27, 2006

Fair days for Mary back in her home town

Singing star Mary Hopkin had the chance to reflect and think "Those were the days" at the weekend when she visited her Pontardawe home for first time in many years.

The mother-of-two who shunned the limelight after her stunning success as a teenager on the Beatles' Apple record label attended a charity fair in the Swansea Valley town on Saturday.

The event, opened by another Swansea Valley star, former rugby player and broadcaster Robert Jones, was aimed at raising money to help restore Pontardawe's 13th century Llangwig church. It is hoped the building will have a new future as a community meeting centre.

Now aged 55, Mary grew up in a terraced street in Pontardawe close to the grade II-listed building which now needs thousands of pounds spent on it to prevent it falling into ruin.

Mary was at the fair in Pontardawe's School Room with her sister Carole who still lives in Wales. Mary now lives in a chateau in the South of France and rarely makes public appearances.

The singer chatted with old friends at the stalls in rain- sodden Pontardawe yesterday. One fair-goer said, "Mary looks really good and it is clear she thinks a lot about the place where she grew up."

Robin Turner, Western Mail



March 26, 2006

Local church has a place in Mary's heart

Welsh folk legend Mary Hopkin made a rare public appearance yesterday in a bid to help buy her home town church. The reclusive singer attended a spring fair in Pontardawe to raise funds for a non-profit charitable trust who are hoping to buy Llangiwg Church for community use.

The Grade Two-listed building is being sold by the Church in Wales and holds a special place in Mary's heart, as she spent a lot of time there as a young girl.

The bric-a-brac sale was held in the "School Rooms" in Pontardawe where Mary used to attend the local youth dances as a child.

Chris Beckett, Wales on Sunday



September 26, 2005

New Mary Hopkin CD out now - Live at the Royal Festival Hall 1972

A long-awaited release from Mary Hopkin. In May, 1972, Mary played what was to be her last concert for years. Saying goodbye to the music business which had catapulted her into worldwide fame barely three years before, she sings some of her best songs including Earth Song and Ocean Song, Those Were the Days and some of the folk classics that inspired her early career. Accompanied by Danny Thompson (Pentangle) and Brian Willoughby (later of The Strawbs), as well as her then husband Tony Visconti and the Pop Arts String Quartet, this is an intimate concert which captures Mary at her best.

Album Cover: Live at The Royal Festival Hall 1972 - Mary Hopkin

Songs include:

 1 Once I had a Sweetheart
 2 Ocean Song
 3 Streets of London
 4 Sparrow
 5 Aderyn Pur
 6 If I Fell
 7 Silver Dagger
 8 Donna Donna
 9 Those Were the Days
10 Earth Song
11 Morning Has Broken
12 Both Sides Now
13 International

This album is currently only available from Mary Hopkin Music online. For details on how to buy, please use the link below:

Mary Hopkin Music



July 29, 2005

Mary Hopkin sings on Dolly Parton's new album titled "Those Were The Days."

The title track "Those Were The Days" is an old Russian folk tune to which composer Gene Raskin added English lyrics in 1962. Originally popularized in American by the folk group The Limeliters, the song became an international hit when a version was recorded by Mary Hopkin in 1968, produced by Paul McCartney. Dolly Parton first sang her own version (with a line changed to say: "The times are always good, right here at Dollywood") with members of the Moscow Circus at the 20th season opening of her theme park in April 2005. Dolly Parton says performing the song "Those Were The Days" at Dollywood inspired her to created her upcoming CD of pop and folk song covers.

"I had been singing that song for days, and that was the song they wanted me to sing with them," she told USA Today. "So I thought, 'This is some sort of cue for me.' "

Guests on the CD include the title track with Welsh singer Mary Hopkin; "Crimson and Clover" with Tommy James; "Turn, Turn, Turn" with former Byrds member Roger McGuinn; and "Me and Bobby McGee" with Kris Kristofferson. Other guests include Keith Urban, Norah Jones, Alison Krauss, Nickel Creek, Judy Collins and Cat Stevens.

Below the entire track listing and album cover for Dolly's upcoming album Those Were The Days to be released Oct. 11th on Sugar Hill Records. The track listing is as follows:

  1. Those Were The Days (harmony vocal by Mary Hopkin, Porter Wagoner and with a Grand Ole Opry gang)
  2. Blowin In The Wind (with Nickel Creek)
  3. Where Have All The Flowers Gone? (with Norah Jones and Lee Ann Womack)
  4. Twelfth Of Never (duet with Keith Urban)
  5. Where Do The Children Play (acoustic guitar by Cat Stevens)
  6. Me And Bobby McGee (with Kris Kristofferson)
  7. Crimson And Clover (with Tommy James)
  8. The Cruel War (with Alison Krauss, Dan Tyminski and Mindy Smith)
  9. Turn, Turn, Turn (with Roger McGuinn)
  10. If I Were A Carpenter (duet with Joe Nichols)
  11. Both Sides Now (with Judy Collins and Rhonda Vincent)
  12. Imagine (piano by David Foster)

It should be noted that only "If I Were A Carpenter" and "Twelfth Of Never" are full-blown duets, the rest of the tracks simply feature the guest artists on harmony vocals!

Release Date: Oct. 11, 2005
Label: Sugar Hill Records/Blue Eye Records

Album Cover: Those Were The Days - Dolly Parton



April 11, 2005

Re-release Japanese CD's: "Postcard", "Earth Song/Ocean Song" and "Those Were The Days" !

Album details: Japanese exclusive re-issue CD album presented in Mini-LP card style picture sleeve + obi-strip.

The Mini-LP Sleeve CD has been a long lived collector's choice. With near exact replication of the original vinyl jackets, these issues bring their vinyl counterparts back to life in digital form.

Release date:  Monday, 16 May 2005.

To order these CD's please go to: Amazon Canada

Mini-LP Sleeve CD: Postcard            Mini-LP Sleeve CD: Earth Song/Ocean Song            Mini-LP Sleeve CD: Those Were The Days (Best of)



December 24, 2004

"Those Were The Days" and "Goodbye" in Holland's 2004 Radio 2 Top 2000!

One day before X-mas Holland's Radio 2 announced the results of "The Radio 2 Top 2000". As mentioned before on this site it is by far THE radio event of the year in Holland and is sure to attract vast numbers of enthousiastic fans, like it does every single year. An overwhelming number of over 1 million votes were cast on this year's 3000 nominated songs; that's 40% more than last year's event!

And here's the good part.............both TWTD and Goodbye got great results. "Those Were The Days" climbed well over 400 positions from number 1377 in 2003 to 929 this year! "Goodbye", which didn't make it into last year's list, entered the chart on a very respectable 1553rd place.

The 2004 Radio 2 Top 2000 will be continuously broadcasted from December 26 thru 31 (24 hrs a day). The song "Goodbye" can be listened to on Monday, December 27 between 04.00 hrs and 04.59 hrs Dutch Time. (GMT+01:00) "Those Were The Days" can be listened to on Wednesday, December 29 between 00.00 hrs and 00.59 hrs Dutch Time. (GMT+01:00)

Make sure you tune in and listen.....



June 12, 2004

Eugene Raskin, folk singer who wrote the hit "Those Were The Days" dies - June 7, 2004

Eugene Raskin, a folk singer and architectural scholar who wrote the unusual 1968 hit "Those Were The Days", died June 7 at his home in Manhattan, his son Michael said. He was 94.

Raskin, who performed with his wife, Francesca, as Gene & Francesca, wrote the lyrics and music for "Those Were the Days" in 1962, basing the tune on a Russian folk melody. Paul McCartney heard the Raskins sing the song at a London club in 1964 and remembered it four years later when he was looking for material for the Beatles' newly formed label, Apple Records.

McCartney decided to give the song to Mary Hopkin, a Welsh teenage singer and multiple winner of the British television talent show "Opportunity Knocks", who had been introduced to him by Twiggy, the fashion model. The song, with it's catchy refrain - "Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end" - was one of the first four releases by Apple Records. It reached No.2 on the American charts in fall 1968 and held the top position on the British charts for one week, edging out another of Apple's first four releases, "Hey Jude."

Raskin, who was an adjunct professor at Columbia from 1936 to 1976, also wrote three books about architecture: "Architecturally Speaking" (1971) and "Architecture and People" (1974).

He was a playwright as well. His first play, "One's a Crowd," was a 1949 comedy about an atomic scientist whose experiments leave him with four personalities. "Amata," a romantic fantasy he wrote in 1951, was the second production of the Circle in Square Theatre.

Eugene Raskin was born in 1909 in the Bronx, N.Y., and received his undergraduate and master's degrees from Columbia University.

In addition to his son, he is survived by his wife; both live in Manhattan. Another son, Jonathan, died in 1974.

By Stuart Lavietes, New York Times



April 30, 2004

Final Results 2004 Dutch Eurovision Song Contest Top 100 are in !!!

During weeks of voting the Dutch public cast over 20.000 votes in the Dutch 2004 Eurovision Song Contest Top 100. With over 25 Dutch entries Mary Hopkin had a very tough nut to crack. "Knock Knock (who's there?)" ended up on a magnificent 78th place in the Top 100. Eurovision Song Contest Winners such as Jaqueline Boyer (80), Udo Jurgens (89) and Lulu (91) were left at a distance...



January 5, 2004

Re-release Apple CD "Earth Song/Ocean Song" 

After a month of delay Apple Records will be re-releasing Mary Hopkin's CD "Earth Song/Ocean Song" on 12 January, 2004. The original Apple LP (UK release: 1971) was released on CD before in 1992. This CD has been sold out for years but is still highly in demand. Bids at auction-sites such as Ebay frequently rise to as much as $ 70.

According to Mary herself this is her most satisfying production ever. From the start it had had very good reviews in Rolling Stone and other leading Music Magazines. In one of her interviews Mary claimed: "I think it's very much of today and a couple of the songs have environmental themes. I'm very pleased with the album and there is probably very little I would change about it; which is saying a lot because I'm terribly critical about things that I've done."



December 29, 2003

Re-release Apple CD "Postcard"

Apple Records will be re-releasing Mary Hopkin's CD "Postcard" on January 5, 2004. The original Apple LP (UK release: 1969) was released on CD before in 1991 but has not been available for quite a while. The CD carries a grand total of 15 tracks + 3 bonus tracks.

The original British 1969 LP carried 14 tracks including "Someone To Watch Over Me"; the original US 1969 LP also carried 14 tracks but substituted "Someone To Watch Over Me" by "Those Were The Days". Both songs were included in the 1991 and 2004 re-release CD, together with 3 bonus tracks "Those Were The Days (Italian)", "Those Were The Days (Spanish)" and flipside single "Turn! Turn! Turn!".



December 24, 2003

Mary Hopkin's "Those Were The Days" made this Top 2000 again!

Today Holland's Radio 2 announced the results of "The Radio 2 Top 2000". Being THE radio-event of the year it got all the exposure it deserved. Amongst others, all major newspapers published this years play list.

And there is very good news indeed..... Mary Hopkin's "Those Were The Days" made this Top 2000 again. "TWTD" climbed more than 100 positions from number 1483 in 2002 to 1377 this year! 

The Radio 2 Top 2000 will be continuously broadcasted from December 26 thru 31 (24 hrs a day). The song "Those Were The Days" can be listened to on Saturday, December 27 between 17.00 hrs and 18.00 hrs Dutch Time. (16.00 hrs and 17.00 GMT)



January 28, 2003

Strawbs - Blue Angel, re-issue of "The bridge" featuring Mary Hopkin (3)

The project to re-issue The Bridge as Blue Angel has been revived - release date expected to be April 2003. Totally remixed with new tracks and contributions from Dave Lambert, Rod Coombes, Mary Hopkin and Cathryn Craig.  

The main attraction is a band version of Cousins' epic "Blue Angel". In addition there is a new version of "Lay Down" guest-starring Mary Hopkin, a band version of "There Will Come The Day" with Mary Hopkin  and Cathryn Craig, as well as Chas Cronk, Terry Cassidy and Hud on backing vocals, a duo version of "Sealed With A Traitor's Kiss" with Dave on piano, Brian on guitar and a remixed version of "The King" with Maddy Prior.

Tracking List:

Dave Cousins - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano (11)
Brian Willoughby - guitar

Blue Weaver - keyboards except (11,13), programming track (4), orchestration (10)
Rod Demick - bass, (1,4,5,12), harmonica (5), vocals (1,5)
Richard Hudson - drums, (1,5,12), vocals (1,4,5,12)
Tony Fernandez - drums (3,10,13) tom-toms (7)
Dave Lambert - guitar (2,9)
Chas Cronk - bass (2,3,6,9,10,13), vocals (4,9,13), bass pedals (7), programming (7,8)
Rod Coombes - drums (2,9)
Andy Richards - keyboards (13)

Mary Hopkin - vocals (1,3,4,6,8,10,12)
Cathryn Craig - vocals (4)
Terry Cassidy - vocals (4)
Roy Hill - vocals (9)
Jana Heller - vocals (9)
Tommy Lundy - vocals (9)
Maddy Prior - vocals (13)
Rick Kemp - vocals (13)

  1. Blue  Angel (Cousins)
    (i) Divided
    (ii) Half Worlds Apart
    (iii) At Rest
  2. Oh So Sleepy (Cousins)
  3. Further Down The Road (Cousins)
  4. There Will Come The Day (Cousins/Airey)
  5. Strange Day Over The Hill (Cousins)
  6. Cry No More (Cousins/Willoughby)
  7. The Plain (Cousins)
  8. Do You Remember (Cousins/Willoughby)
  9. Rhythm Of The Night (Cousins)
  10. Morning Glory (Cousins)
  11. Sealed With A Traitor's Kiss (Cousins)
  12. Lay Down (Cousins)
  13. Bonus Track: The King (Cousins)

CD (UK) with lyric booklet: Witchwood WRCD 2008.

(Source: Strawbs Web News January 2003)



October 18, 2002

Mary Hopkin re-recorded her all time greatest hit "Those Were The Days"

After almost 35 years Mary Hopkin re-recorded her all time greatest hit "Those Were The Days". The recording took place at a Welsh recording studio called The Strongbox Studios in Penarth (near Cardiff). Producer Peter Asher will use the recording for a brand new two-CD set "Robin Williams Live 2002"

The second CD opens with a musical number, "The Grim Rapper," and then veers off into regional observations taken from 18 cities where Williams performed in 2002. Like the title suggest "The Grim Rapper" is a rap song in which Robin Williams captures an entire lifetime in a humorous fashion within a couple of minutes. Mary Hopkin's song "Those were The Days" perfectly fills all the gaps during the song in which Williams looks back frequently...

Release Date: 19 November 2002



September 1, 2002

New Japanese Mary Hopkin site - All details of Mary's visit to the Expo 1970 in Japan

There's a new Mary Hopkin site on the Internet. On this particular Japanese site you can find all the details of Mary Hopkin's visit to the Expo in Japan during the first week of July 1970. Extensive info and wonderful pics of her arrival at Tokyo Airport, the seven (!) shows during the Expo in Osaka, a fieldtrip to Kyoto and last but not least..... her return to Britain at Heathrow Airport on July 8th, 1970.

Further information: "Mary Hopkin, Unofficial Japanese Web Site"

Recommend:  You can use the English Version translated by "excite"!



May 11, 2002

CD Sundance featuring Mary Hopkin: Release Date 13 May 2002 (2)

Sundance was a group of three disparate musicians, who came together in early 1982. The group was formed by Mike Hurst (ex Springfields and Record Producer extraordinaire), Michael de Alberquerque (ex ELO) and Mary Hopkin was Mary Hopkin.

They had little in common except music. Vocally they really hit it off, and their first recordings at Herne Place Studios with Ray Fenwick on guitar, Steve Price on bass and Steve Dimitri on drums, enabled them to obtain a Licensing deal with Bronze Records.

The first single "What's Love?" involved the group flying around the UK in Gerry Bron's private jet promoting it. That spring they were booked on Dr Hook's tour of the UK. They appeared on numerous TV Shows including The Parkinson Show, Russell Harty, Pebble Mill and even their own half hour special on Grampian TV.

Sadly the single only charted in one country-South Africa! Things were starting to go wrong-namely Mary's health. For some reason she kept passing out. After she consulted a doctor she decided to call it a day in November that year. Sundance tried to continue but it was never the same and by the end of 1983 it was all over.

Mike Hurst said "I believed that Sundance could have gone on forever, but only with the original line up. The initial idea of heavy acoustic guitars with Fleetwood Mac type harmonies was the right one, but it needed perseverance, a thing in short supply in the record business".



April 17, 2002

Mary Hopkin will sing on the Welsh programme of "Billy Connolly's World Tour"

Billy Connolly's World Tour of England, Ireland and Wales, kicked off its first  weeks with The Big Yin in fine form on a mini-tour of England and Ireland. In the next programme, Monday 22 April 2002 on BBC 1, Billy Connolly returns to Cardiff in Wales where he is overawed by the city's regeneration.

The commissioned music for the series is performed by Billy with Ralph McTell, Chris Parkinson (House Band) and Chris Leslie (Fairport Convention), plus a host of musicians relevant to the country being filmed.

Mary Hopkin will sing two songs on the Welsh programme: "Bugeilio'r Gwenith Gwyn" and Ralph McTell's "England" where she re-places the word England for Cymru.



April 1, 2002

CD Sundance featuring Mary Hopkin: Release Date 13 May 2002 (1)

SUNDANCE came together in early-1982. The group were formed by Mike Hurst (ex Springfields and noted record producer), Michael de Alberquerque (ex-ELO) and Mary Hopkin. Their first recordings with Ray Fenwick on guitar, Steve Price on bass and Steve Dimitri on drums led to a licensing deal with Bronze Records.

The group toured the UK as support to Dr Hook and appeared on numerous TV shows, but their first single 'What's Love?' only charted in South Africa! Then, due to Mary Hopkin's ill-health the group disbanded. Mike Hurst said, 'I believed that Sundance could have gone on forever, but only with the original line-up. The initial idea of heavy acoustic guitars with Fleetwood Mac-type harmonies was the right one, but it needed perseverance, a thing in short supply in the record business.'

The CD contains bonus tracks including a historic recording from TV performance of 'Those Were The Days'. Mike Hurst contributes informative and authorative sleeve notes as well as unpublished photos from his personal archive.

Label: Angel Air Records

Label number: SJPCD113

Barcode: 5 055011 701137

Tracking listing:

The Smile On Your Face - Take Your Time - What's Love? - Heart To Beat -
A Good Old Song - Walk Right In - Jealousy - Never Going Back / Silver Threads
And Golden Needles - So Sad

BONUS TRACKS: Cottonfields - Dream Lover - Those Were The Days -
Island Of Dreams.

First time ever released on CD!



March 11, 2002

Summertime, Summertime - Hobby Horse

"Summertime, Summertime" sung by Mary Hopkin, Ondrea Lloyd and Tony Visconti (as Hobby Horse) was released in Holland the other day on a double CD. The other songs and artists on these CD's have all been Top 40 hits in either 1971 or 1972. Although "Summertime, Summertime" was not a big hit in many countries, it was an immediate smash in Holland. The song entered the Dutch Top 40 in September 1972 and went all the way to number 7. It was in the charts for 9 weeks.

The song had already been released on various artists compilation CD's in 1987 and 1999, but it soon became a "collector's item". For the real fans: here is another opportunity to get this happy summer song on CD. It is a compilation by Universal Records,  number 520 803-2. This Universal compilation has been released in association with BR Music.



February 18, 2002

Very Annie Mary (2000) is released on DVD - Mary Hopkin performs a small part in this comedy (2)

Annie Mary (Rachel Griffiths), a woman in her early thirties, living in the Rhondda Valley, South Wales is forced to make changes in her life when her father suffers a major stroke. The future of the family business is left in her hands and so she hatches a plan to raise money the only way she can...

Release Information:
- Studio: Film Four Distributors Ltd.
- DVD Release Date: 18 February, 2002
- Run Time: 99 minutes

Edition Details:
- Region 2 encoding (Europe, Middle East & Japan only)
- Catalogue Number: VCD0128

Further information about this comedy: May 25, 2001



November 30, 2001

Mary Hopkin statement to the BBC News Department

Mary Hopkin made a statement to the BBC News Department, because of the loss of former Beatle George Harrison (singer, songwriter and guitarist for one of the world's most famous pop groups). Her statement was read out and was printed in the newspapers. Mary Hopkin made following statement to the BBC:

Mary Hopkin, who recorded for the Beatles' Apple Label and who until recently has lived near George Harrison in Henley-on-Thames, described the death as a "great loss". "It was not a surprise, but it was nevertheless tragic news!"



November 19, 2001

New CD with two bonus tracks from Sundance, featuring Mary Hopkin on vocals

After the split of successful 60's group, The Springfields, while Dusty and brother Tom went on to successful solo careers, Mike Hurst became a renowned record producer. During the early 70's Mike recorded two solo albums "Home" and "In My Time", both now released (19th November 2001) by Angel Air on the one CD (label number SJPCD098) with two bonus tracks "Never Going Back/Silver Threads And Golden Needles" and "So Sad" from Sundance, featuring Mike Hurst and Mary Hopkin on vocals. Mike's talent as a record producer needs no introduction.



May 31, 2001

Article about Mary Hopkin published in Mojo Collections Spring 2001 with prints of 14 sleeves!

Would you believe this? In Mojo Collections Spring 2001 (page 129) I found a special feature about Mary Hopkin: 14 different labels of Mary's "Those Were The Days". It also has an interview with Phil Smee, the collector of all those record sleeves. Our beloved Mary is still around these days!!! Below you can find a small part of this interview.

There's Something About Mary!" Phil Smee liked Mary Hopkin's Those Were The Days so much he bought it 14 versions!

"Most people weren't aware of foreign picture sleeve editions back then," recalls '60s aficionado Phil Smee. "The first I knew of them was on family holidays to France. I started picking up beautiful-looking  Cream and Jefferson Airplane singles." But Mary Hopkin? "She was unlike the other girl singers," he says. "And it was such a weird combination: this Welsh schoolgirl protégé of Paul McCartney singing this strange, almost Cabaret-ish song supposedly based on an old Russian folk melody." But why the multiple editions? "How can anyone resist that Japanese promo on red vinyl?"

Further information: Mojo4music

You can contact Mojo4music by email or by fax (0207 312 8246) or via traditional mail at the following address:
Mappin House
4 Winsley Street
London W1W 8HF
United Kingdom



May 25, 2001

Mary Hopkin will perform a small part in the movie "Very Annie Mary" (1)

In June Mary Hopkin will be seen on the screen for the first time. She will perform a small part in the movie "Very Annie Mary".

"Very Annie Mary" was filmed in the Garw Valley, and was directed by Sara Sugarman. In 1999 Sara won a Pathe/Orange prize for Screenwriting and the Sundance/NHK production award for "Very Annie Mary" (formerly known as Pavarotti in Dad's Room),which is due for wide release from 8 June 2001.

Plot Outline: When Annie Mary (Rachel Griffiths) was sixteen she won the most prestigious singing prize in Wales, at the Welsh Cultural Competition, The Eisteddfod. She was offered a scholarship to study singing in Milan, but had to turn it down because her mother was dying. Since then she hasn't sung a note. Now Annie Mary lives under the shadow of her chapel strict father (Jonathan Pryce), known to all as 'the voice of the valleys'. She wants to break free, but her father has a stroke and demands even more of her time. When she finally does rebel, the whole village becomes involved. But it is only when she finds her voice again that Annie Mary finds her freedom.

Very Annie Mary is on at selected London cinemas from 25 May and on general release from 8 June.



January 27, 2001 

Bert Jansch - Moonshine (Mary Hopkin on backing vocals)

Castle Music has re-released one of the finest albums of Bert Jansch "Moonshine" on CD.  This CD contains one track "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face", with the backing vocals of Mary Hopkin.

Release Date:    26th January 2001
Country:            U.K.
Catalogue No:    Castle Music CMRCD112

Release Date:    13th March 2001
Country:            USA
Catalogue No:    Castle Music America

"Moonshine" was originally released in 1973 right after Pentangle broke up. Though his solo albums are sometimes inconsistent, if ever there was an essential Bert Jansch album, this is it!

The song selection is outstanding, with Jansch giving impassioned readings of such traditional songs as "Yarrow", "Twa Corbies" and "Rambleaway", as well as a suitably austere version of Dave Goulder's classic "January Man". There is also a completely rewritten melody given to Ewan MacColl's much covered "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face", with the backing vocals of Mary Hopkin. Jansch contributed several original songs to this album and it is on these that he shines. Included are a sprightly "Night Time Blues" and the title track, which has a John Renbourn-like medieval feel to it. The album ends with "Oh My Father," originally released as a single and containing one of Jansch's most fluid instrumental jams at the end.

Jansch's complex and lyrical guitar is given lots of room to move while being backed by a stellar core group of drummer Laurie Allen, Pentangle bassist Danny Thompson (who also produced), Tony Visconti on vocals, percussion and various instruments, and the searing guitar of Gary Boyle. Guest musicians drummer Dave Mattacks, fiddle player Aly Bain, harpist Skaila Kanga, and Ralph McTell on harmonica round out the album's rich and diverse sound.



September 25, 2000 

Mary Hopkin duetted with Davey Crockett on new CD-single - "Chicken vs. Macho"

The Crocketts release their single "Chicken vs. Macho" on 16th. October.

Album Cover (CD-EP): Chicken vs. Macho - The Crocketts featuring Mary Hopkin

Track Details: Chicken vs. Macho (featuring Mary Hopkin), 1939 Returning (Live), That's For Sure.



August 14, 2000

Mary Hopkin on backing vocals Jon & Vangelis's "Change we Must"

The regular European/Canadian release of this album in 1991 was in fact a recompiled version. Before it was released there were a couple of differences, including an extra song called "Change we Must", extra nature sounds on Garden of Senses and a long instrumental opening to Wisdom Chain.

Album Cover: Page Of Live - Vangelis featuring Mary Hopkin

The "Page of Life" version (picture above) released in the USA and Japan in 1998 by Higher Octave music on the "OMTOWN" label is closer to the original because it drops a few tracks ("Is It Love", "Jazzy Box", "Be a Good Friend of Mine" and "Journey To Ixtlan") and returns to the 5 minute Vangelis intro of "Wisdom Chain" and the original recording of "Change we Must" with Mary Hopkin's voice on it !! The recording is much clearer than the bootleg-CD "Another Page of Life".

Thanks to Dennis Lodewijks, Veldhoven, The Netherlands.

Further information:"Elsewhere Vangelis site".



June 7, 2000 

Vangelis's Album Reprise 1990-1999 featuring Mary Hopkin - "Rachel's Song"

Album Cover: Reprise 1990-1999 - Vangelis featuring Mary Hopkin

REPRISE is a collection of extracts from Vangelis's albums of the '90s plus "Rachel's Song," featuring Mary Hopkin, from the much-belated release in 1994 of his soundtrack for BLADE RUNNER. The tracks are interwoven to form a rich, ambient album. This version of "Rachel's Song" is slightly shorter at 4.22 mins as opposed to the 4.55 mins on the Blade Runner soundtrack and.........33 seconds of Mary is a lot to lose!



June 6, 2000 

Mary Hopkin on backing vocals - "Host"

The Crocketts release their romper stomper of a single "ON SOMETHING" on 3rd July. Released through Blue Dog/V2 Records. Screaming guitars, thumping bass line, corking lyrics - energy on tap. Warning: May well make you want to jump off your wardrobe and land pogo-ing on your bed. The Crocketts accept no liability for injuries incurred.

Backed up with two of the finest B sides you're likely to purchase for your pounds in an aeon. 'Host' with the legendary Mary Hopkin on backing vocals and 'Opposite Ends' - a gorgeous demo tempter which is likely to make itself very well known in the coming months.

Album Cover: On Something - The Crocketts featuring Mary Hopkin

Track listing:

1. On Something
2. Host (featuring Mary Hopkin)
3. Opposite Ends

Release Date:   3rd July 2000
Format:            CD Single
Catalogue No:   CD1 BDG5013203



May 7, 2000

Flying Dutchman made a 706-mile round trip from Holland to Wales so he could see Mary on TV

"Flying Dutchman" Hans den Besten made a 706-mile round trip from his home near The Hague so he could watch an S4C programme on his idol - singer Mary Hopkin. Hans, who runs a Mary Hopkin appreciation society, was interviewed for the programme in Amsterdam, then decided to come all the way to Wales so he could watch it with fellow-admirer Pat Richmond, of Barry, who runs the British appreciation society. "It was a really great programme," said Hans. "Of course, it was in Welsh so I had to put the subtitles on."

(Source: Wales on Sunday, 7 May 2000)



May 5, 2000 

Mary Hopkin - Owain Hopkin: same surname. Does that mean that they're related?

Catryn's "Up-date" (BBC-online Radio 1) included an interview with Owain Hopkin from The Crocketts. He was talking to Catryn about the band's collaboration with Mary Hopkin.  Catryn caught up with Owain in a swimming pool in Bradford and asked him as he shares the same surname with Mary does that mean that they're related?



April 22, 2000 

CD "The King of Elfland's Daughter" still available 

It is my sincerest wish that everybody who likes Mary Hopkin's music and still misses certain CD's in their collection, should still be given the opportunity to obtain them. Internet CD-Shops are a useful help. That's why I have extended my "CD-Shops" page. There is an increase of CD-Shops from 14 to 19. I have added "The King of Elfland's Daughter" (Elfland) CD in my survey.

Much information (performers, tracks, lyrics, reviews) of this CD can be found on the beautiful German site about Bob Johnson and Pete Knight. You can visit this valuable site through "Links".



April 21, 2000 

Mary Hopkin and The Crocketts - Why Davey's got a problem?

Mary Hopkin and The Crocketts HE may look like an unlikely pin-up, but Davey Crockett, the shaven-headed front man of the Crocketts, has been cultivating a six-pack lately. But Davey, the former cross-country runner and published teen poet isn't about to become the next Peter Andre. "I did a photo session for Deirdre's Photo Casebook in the Sun, so I had to get fit," said Crockett (nee MacManus). "I had to pose as a bloke in a band, who goes out and pulls other women while his girlfriend is at home. It was all my idea," confessed the lively Dubliner, who makes up one quarter of the band.

It's all part of the frantic promotion for their second album The Great Brain Robbery - released on April 17 - which has seen them working with REM producer Charlie Francis. "We have all had our minds robbed by TV, computers, adverts, booze, fags, fabrics and things," says Davey by way of explanation of the album's bizarre title. "The photo casebook is a bit of fun, but it's a serious album," said Davey, who is also working on a book of short stories called An Amazing Disgrace.

The Great Brain Robbery is the follow up to their 1998 debut We May Be Skinny and Wiry. "This album is so much better than our last one and the next one will be even better." The album finds Davey duetting with Welsh sixties songbird Mary Hopkin on the track Chicken Vs Macho. "I wouldn’t really rather be chicken than macho. But if you shout loud enough and look tough, then you don't have to fight."

                                                   The Crocketts



April 20, 2000 

The TV Documentary "Mary Hopkin" (4)

This morning I received an E-mail from The TV Company S4C which is showing the documentary.

From: Owain Pennar
Sent: 20 April 2000 09:35

For a period of some three years from spring 1968 onwards, a young Pontardawe singer rode high in the UK pop charts, constantly in the glare of the media and mixing with celebrities such as Twiggy and The Beatles. Then, suddenly, MARY HOPKIN decided to give up her life as a celebrity and turned her back on the commercial pop world.

Mary celebrates her 50th birthday on May 3, 2000 and so it's an appropriate time to look back and reflect on her meteoric rise to stardom. The film documentary Mary Hopkin (S4C, Monday, 1 May, 8.15pm) will relive Mary's golden days at the top and discover why she gave up her life of stardom.

For many, the song "Those were the days" captures the spirit of the 60s. After all, it became one of Apple's most successful singles ever (after a number of Beatles' hits), topped the charts for six weeks in 1968, was 2nd in the US charts, and sold over 10 million copies world-wide. Although other songs could also claim the title "spirit of the 60s", for many in the Swansea Valley where she was brought up, this song was the 60s. The producer of this documentary, Eurof Williams of Acme production company, is from Alltwen, near Pontardawe. As a young man, he was part of a thriving music scene in the Swansea Valley. Amazingly, Pontardawe had three recording studios in the 60s, and this inspired Eurof to later become a record producer and pop manager himself.

Eurof has returned to the roots of the Mary Hopkin phenomenon in the valley where the cherubic-looking fair-haired girl first sang hymns in the local Congregationalist chapel, Tabernacl, and sang folksongs in local concerts and eisteddfodau. Combining interviews with her school friends, former teachers and family, the programme Mary Hopkin helps build up a picture of those whirlwind days when Mary's chart-topping songs put the Swansea Valley in the limelight.

"The buzz and excitement was quite amazing, and nobody could quite believe that our Mary was mixing with the Beatles. Going to the Beatles' Abbey Road from Pontardawe was like going on a trip to the moon. Things were black and white in the Swansea Valley in those days, nothing seemed to change, Mary brought some colour to the valley," said Eurof. The two biggest scoops in the programme are the interviews with Mary Hopkin and her mother, Betty, two people who rarely speak in public. Through their interviews, the film builds up a portrayal of an 18-year-old local girl who turned into a star almost overnight on Hughie Green's show, Opportunity Knocks, and then became one of recording label Apple's major names and she is seen mixing with the fashionable London set of the 60s.

It becomes evident that the public, commercial lifestyle was at odds with this essentially private person. Although the film shows that those days were indeed "good. exciting days" (Mary's own words), there was a price to pay. "I felt it was running away with me, that suddenly I'd become other people's property. They were making the decisions. I became aware that I wasn't going to be happy in showbiz. I had to get out of it," says Mary. Some professional tensions came to the surface too regarding the musical direction of her career. She disagreed with Apple in general, and with Paul McCartney in particular, about the commercialism of her pop songs. "If I'd been left alone, and allowed to progress naturally, I'd have gone more down the folk path," she says.

By the time of the Eurovision Song Contest in 1970 when she sang "Knock, Knock, Who's There?"  Mary had had enough of singing "silly, bubbly" songs and being harassed by the media. She decided to pack in her pop career and follow her own musical direction as a folksinger, but admits that efforts to relaunch her career properly were "half-hearted". She channelled her energies into bringing up her two children, Morgan and Jessica, and now lives a quiet life at her home in Henley-on-Thames.

She's recently had fresh musical forays with "The Crocketts" - one member of the band, OWEN HOPKIN (no relation), was brought up two doors down from Mary's family home in Pontardawe. Mary has also struck up a musical partnership with her son, Morgan, who works as a musician in New York. The programme features an exclusive performance of one of their tracks.

For some, Mary's decision to retire from the pop scene was tinged with disappointment. One of her former teachers, Glyn Williams, often asks himself: "Where has she gone? What happened to her? We never see her. She could have been another Joan Baez or Nana Mouskouri." But Eurof Williams disagrees. He believes that Hopkin's music and story does capture a period in the valley's history. He says that the documentary shows how far and wide Mary's influence reaches, with a fan base from Amsterdam to mid-west America and countless web sites dedicated to her music.
"I've met people with an incredible loyalty to Mary - she has profoundly influenced these people. You'd be stretched to find a voice so clear and pure as her's. Standing next to her when she's singing is amazing. She's like a bird flying effortlessly into the heavens."

"MARY HOPKIN"  An Acme production for S4C: Monday, 1 May, 8.15pm

For further details, please contact Owain Pennar, S4C (01222) 741416



April 12, 2000 

TV Documentary on Mary Hopkin (3)

TV Documentary on Mary Hopkin is to be screened on S4C, May 1st at 8.15pm. This TV Documentary on Mary Hopkin to celebrate her 50th birthday this coming May will be transmitted in Wales only and in the UK on digital TV able to receive S4C digital.



March 8, 2000 

TV Documentary on Mary Hopkin - Interview in Amsterdam (2)

From the moment Eurof Williams contacted me to do an interview for a TV program in Welsh for S4C Channel about our beloved Mary Hopkin, until the day we said goodbye to each other, I was so excited, thrilled and so happy. At first I could not believe it. I even checked on internet whether Eurof Williams (independent producer from Wales) really existed!

We met in Amsterdam in the main reception of Hotel Esthera on 28th of February 2000 at 14.00. I was very pleased that I could answer the questions in my native language. In this way I could express myself in a better way. This interview has been a wonderful experience, something that I will cherish forever. This was an unforgettable meeting: how friendly and nice were Eurof and his cameraman John.

After this interview we had a pleasant and relaxed conversation (off the record). It was nice to be able to discuss a lot of "Mary things" and have someone really understand what you mean and what you feel. I can't think of anyone better to produce a tribute to Mary Hopkin than Eurof.

Those wonderful days were still not over yet, because I was delighted when I received an e-mail from Eurof in which he thanked me for my valuable contribution to his program. "Mary thought it was very sweet of me to go to such trouble for her sake and she admired my work!" What more do I want? Only to continue and to make sure that my "Mary Hopkin International Site" will improve all the time. After all, I never believed that when I started my site it would be like it turned out to be. And who knows what the future might bring?



February 18, 2000

TV Documentary on Mary Hopkin (1)

Phil Davies researcher and Eurof Williams independent producer for a Welsh TV company called ACME based in Pontardawe, Mary's hometown of course, are planning a Welsh language one hour programme on Mary for Channel 4 Wales (S4C) which will feature her past and present. Mary and her family will all contribute. It will be a quality thoughtful and sensitive programme and not an obvious Those REALLY were the days feature. The documentary on Mary Hopkin to celebrate her 50th birthday this coming May will be transmitted in Wales only and in the UK on digital TV able to receive S4C digital.



February 13, 2000

Mary Hopkin duetted with Davey Crockett - "Chicken vs. Macho"

Mary Hopkin has made a new recording. It is a duet with a top Welsh Band called "The Crocketts" on an Album called "The Great Brain Robbery". With this new CD The Crocketts bring to the table a thrillingly visceral blend of elegantly epic mixed with slices of ebullient pop, bruised romanticism and mighty rock punk.

"Chicken vs. Macho" - Davey's beautiful duet with Mary Hopkin - will get in your head and refuse to budge. Lyrically powerful, musically celebratory!

"The Great Brain Robbery" album (Blue Dog Release, BDG 1011812) is out for release on April 17th.



November 6, 1999

Tour of Australia - A beautiful new Mary Hopkin Web Page

There's a new Mary Hopkin site on the Internet from Australia. This site is owned by Gary O'Brien, who ran the Australian Mary Hopkin fan club in the early 70's. You can find on his site all the details of Mary Hopkin's "Tour of Australia in 1972". Tour Photo's, Sydney Concert Review, Newspaper Articles etc.

Further information: Mary Hopkin's Tour of Australia 1972



August 30, 1999

Mary Hopkin in concert at the Barrfields Theatre in Largs on 30th of August 1999

Mary Hopkin, Largs (August 30, 1999)



July 24, 1999

Mary Hopkin and Benny Gallagher - 19th Largs Viking Festival (Scotland)

One of Largs' (Scotland) favourite sons, and half of the legendary international duo 'Gallagher & Lyle, Benny eagerly accepted the invitation to appear at this years Viking Festival. Benny has assembled a very impressive line up of friends who include fellow Scots hit maker, Jim Diamond. Also making a rare concert appearance will be the former number one star, Mary Hopkin. They will be joined by musical par excellence, Christian Mascac.

The concert is billed as Benny Gallagher & Friends and will be held at the Barrfields Theatre in Largs (Scotland) on 30th of August 1999. Tickets are still available.

Monday, 30th August 1999 Barrfields Theatre Greenock Road,

Largs, Ayrshire


Booking Office:

Tel: 01475-689777

Fax: 01475-689444

Ticket prices  £11.00

This, the 19th Largs Viking Festival, celebrates the Viking heritage of Scotland and in particular Largs, where the Vikings were defeated in 1263. All the festival favourites are in the programme with the authentic Viking Village, the battle re-enactment of the last Viking battle, traditional boat burning ceremony and a spectacular fireworks finale. Ceilidh, concerts and craft fair all feature in this nine day festival extravaganza!!



July 15, 1999

Summertime, Summertime - Hobby Horse

"Summertime, Summertime" sung by Mary Hopkin, Ondrea Lloyd and Tony Visconti (as "Hobby Horse") has been released for the second time on a compilation CD with various artists in Holland. The song had already been featured on a various artists compilation CD in 1987, but unfortunately the item was very quick out of print. So this release comes as no surprise.

"Summertime, Summertime" had been a big hit in 1972 in Holland. The song entered the Dutch Top 40 Charts in September 1972 and went all the way to number 7.



May 27, 1999

Tickertape has re-released three wonderful pop ballads of Mary Hopkin on CD  (1)

I'm happy to inform you that the soundtracks of "Where's Jack?" and "Kidnapped" has been released on CD. The inner sleeve of the CD "Where's Jack?/Kidnapped" (Tickertape tt3008)  contains the following liner notes.

"In addition to the proximity of time and content linking the two films, it should be noted that the title music of both productions was interpreted by one of the most popular English pop singers of the day. Mary Hopkin had just had one of her greatest world-wide hits with the title "Those were the days" and both film productions attempted to boost the films' attractiveness with the star's popularity or, conversely, to lure the public into the cinemas with a hoped-for chart success (á la Bond). This attempt failed. What remains are three wonderful pop ballads (Where's Jack?, Last Moments, For All My Days) which even today have lost nothing of their freshness and beauty."



May 16, 1999

Mary Hopkin and The Chieftains (2)

Below you will find the tour dates of the concerts as published in the Sunday Times of 16th of May 1999:

"The Chieftains in concert and Special Guest MARY HOPKIN"

Mon, 17th (of May 1999) Manchester Bridgewater Hall 0161 907 9000
Tue, 18th Edinburgh Festival Theatre 0131 529 6000
Thu, 20th Northampton Derngate 01604  624811
Sat, 22nd Bournemouth Pavilion Theatre 01202 456456
Sun, 23rd Birmingham Symphony Hall 0121 212 3333
Mon, 24th Brighton The Dome 01273 709709
Tue, 25th Bristol Colston Hall 0117 922 3686
Wed, 26th LONDON Royal Albert Hall 0171 589 8212



May 7, 1999

Mary Hopkin and The Chieftains (1)

An unexpected event is about to happen: Mary Hopkin is asked to appear in a couple of concerts of the well known Irish folk group "The Chieftains". The final leg of the concert will be held at The Royal Albert Hall in London on 26th of May 1999. Tickets are still available.

After a guest appearance of Mary Hopkin with The Chieftains way back in 1991 (at The London Palladium), a long awaited reunion becomes reality in 1999!

Let's hope this special event will lead to a live CD by The Chieftains or be filmed for a TV special.



March 2, 1999

Mary Hopkin - Nettlebed Folk Club, Oxon Village Hall

Elaine Charlson wrote me that she had the pleasure of meeting Mary last night in the Nettlebed Folk Club at one of Brian and Cathryn's gigs in the Oxon Village Hall. Brian Willoughby and Cathryn Craig performed brilliantly and were very well received. Unfortunately Mary Hopkin did not perform "Love Belongs Right Here", her brilliant contribution to the Brian Willoughby CD, Black an White.



January 12, 1999

Not till tomorrow - Ralph McTell

Leola Music has re-released one of the finest albums of Ralph McTell "Not till tomorrow" for the first time on CD.  The CD "Not till tomorrow" contains one track "Zimmerman Blues" sung by Mary Hopkin (backing vocal).

Further information: The official website for Ralph McTell



August 21, 1998

Brian Willoughby - release: "Black and White"  (2)


Album Cover: Black and White - Brian Willoughby featuring Cathryn Craig    Brian's new CD "Black an White" is now released.

       It is available directly from Brian Willoughby at the following

       address:  P.Y.O. Ltd.

                     P.O. Box 208

                     Twickenham TW1 3UZ


Brian's new CD "Black and White", which features singer Cathryn Craig from America, but also contains a track co-written with Mary Hopkin and sung by Mary, is now released!

The song is called "Love belongs right here". Mary sings solo and does her own background on the song, Mary's voice is brilliant.

Further information: August 3, 1998



August 5, 1998

More than 40 tracks recorded for Good Earth Label

It seems that there are more than 40 tracks recorded for the Good Earth label. Four of them were released: If you love me, Tell me now, Wrap me in your arms and Just a dreamer. Unfortunately most of the recorded tracks have never been released.

Tony Visconti writes: "Mary and I recorded about 40 tracks for my defunct Good Earth label. Most were never released. I gave Mary the right to market these tracks the way she sees fit, but nothing has ever come of it. She still has the tracks in her possession. Some of these tracks, especially the self-penned songs, are real gems".



August 4, 1998

Re-release Tony Visconti's Album "Inventory"

Tony Visconti's Inventory, backing vocals Susie Lynch and Mary Hopkin, is now available on his website. Doing so, it's easy to purchase the album by credit card from his website.

Tony Visconti writes: "Here's a little information about the album and bonus tracks. Inventory is a 13 track album recorded around the time of Bowie's Heroes, in 1977. I used many techniques from that period so you will detect a similarity. Just before I mastered it Bowie and Iggy Pop sat and listened to it giving me sage advice about what tracks should stay on and what shouldn't.

Logo: Tony Visconti

When I entertained the idea of re-releasing Inventory I felt that you should get some bonus tracks. I listened to many songs I'd written over the years, because I was planning an Inventory 2 and 3, but they never came to fruition because I was too busy producing the likes of the Moody Blues, Thin Lizzy. I am offering you no less than 12 bonus tracks. They date from as early as 1966 and as late as 1998. I wrote two new ones just weeks before I mastered the album. Two delightful surprises are songs that Mick Ronson played guitar on and were never before heard by the general public. These are "Skinny Rose", a goofy song of mine and "Clorissa", a heavy rock tune played by Mick and members of Hype, which backed Bowie and eventually became the Spiders from Mars. All the bonus tracks are demos, not full blown productions (with the exception of two out takes from Inventory). I've always had professional equipment at home, so they don't sound too bad. I make no excuses for my singing though".

Further information: Tony Visconti



August 3, 1998

Brian Willoughby - release: "Black and White"  (1)

Brian Willoughby has finished mixing his new CD "Black and White"  which features singer Cathryn Craig from America, but also contains a track co-written with Mary Hopkin and sung by Mary.

The title is "Love belongs right here". The CD will be out within a few weeks and will be distributed by direct distribution in the UK and by Caroline International elsewhere.

Further information: Strawbs Web



May 2, 1998

Love's Full Glory - Linda McCartney

Tony Visconti writes: "I produced one song for Linda McCartney which never saw the light of day, but maybe as a bootleg. It is called "Love's Full Glory". I thought the song was amazing -- a mini-symphony with three different sections and tempi. I think it conflicted with Paul's plans to release "Give My Regards To Broad Street", so it went on the shelf and there it still remains. Linda was great to work with, her musicianship amazed me -- she came a long way by the time I'd worked with her. As a note of interest my ex-wife Mary Hopkin and Lena Lovich sang backing vocals for Linda".



April 15, 1998

Full Circle - Carole Morgan-Hopkin

Carole Morgan-Hopkin (Mary Hopkin's sister) has written a beautiful book, called "Full Circle", about the life of their late grandfather Llew E. Morgan.  It is a book full of wonderful photographs and will be enjoyed by anyone who loves Wales and appreciates the art of photography.

It is published by Gomer Press: Price 9.95 (paperback), 11.95 (hard backed). ISBN 1 85902 407 6.



April 13, 1998

Around Pontardawe compiled by the Pontardawe historians

Mary has contributed a foreword to a very interesting book on Pontardawe, her home town, called "Around Pontardawe" compiled by the Pontardawe historians. It includes a lovely picture of Mary as a child dressed in traditional welsh costume. It is published by Dolphin books, 132 Holton Road, Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, s. Wales UK, CF63 4TW. ISBN 0 7524 0691 4.



March 16, 1998

Strawbs - Blue Angel (reissue of "The bridge") delayed(2)

Sadly, the proliferation of Strawbs material coming soon has caused this to be shelved for a little while. In response to my query about the release date of this item, John Tobler replied as follows:

"Dear Hans,

No definite date yet for two reasons:

1) RGF is releasing this week a double CD of 'Don't Say Goodbye'/'Ringing Down The Years' and
2) A & M are releasing six 1970s original albums on CD (remastered, some with bonus tracks) within the   next three months.

However, with a bit of luck (and a following wind), RGF may also do 'Blue Angel' this year. Thanks for your interest - keep watching the skies !

Best wishes,
John Tobler

Road Goes On Forever Records (16-03-1998)"

Of course I immediately informed Dick Greener (The Strawbs-webpage) and Pat Richmond (Mary Hopkin-webpage too) about this news.



January 28, 1998

A Japanese firm has used the CD-discography-information of my webpage for the liner notes.

I'm proud to inform you that the Japanese firm "Music Scene Inc." has used information from my website for the liner notes. The inner sleeve of the CD "The Early Recordings of Mary Hopkin"  MSI 15112 contains a CD-discography written by Kazuyoshi Shiraishi. This CD-discography was taken from my webpage.

They even mentioned my name "Hans den Besten" on the inner sleeve!     :-)


Thank you, Osamu Kasai, for the information above!



October 15, 1997

RGF/WCCD 020 Strawbs - Blue Angel,reissue of 'The Bridge' (1)

In response to various enquiries regarding the availability of RGFCD 020 ('The Bridge' by Dave Cousins & Brian Willoughby), RGF Records is pleased to report that plans are advanced for this album to be re-released, with an additional four bonus tracks, before the end of 1997 under the title of 'Blue Angel', a new (and epic) version of which (featuring Mary Hopkin) is the first of the bonus tracks. The second is a new Dave Cousins composition, titled either 'Sarajevo' or 'Celebration' (no definite decision yet) - both these tracks were recorded in 1996 by The Strawbs. The other two bonus tracks are both sides of a rare single, released around 1981: 'The King' is by The Strawbs with guest Maddy Prior (of Steeleye Span), and 'Ringing Down The Years' by Dave Cousins & Brian Willoughby.

CD Cover: The Bridge